The easiest way to send a task


Simple yet flexible

Sometimes all it takes is "Please do this". And "Done".

All the tasks appear on the main page: the ones you sent and the ones you received, whether still pending or done. You can filter by any of these four parameters, as well as by person.

Send tasks to co-workers, friends and family

After you sign up, you will be able to connect to people already on the platform. Afterwards, you will be able to exchange tasks.

Send, receive, do

You can send a task to any of your app contacts. They will be instantly notified, and the task will appear in their app under your name. Once they fulfill that task, they can press on a "Done" button and you will be instantly notified.

Become a tester!

We have an early version of the app on iphone. We would love it if you could try it out and give us feedback!

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